The Launch of the “RAISE Youth” project took place on 03.07 at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. Under the full name “Rural Action for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Youth” the project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment with 3.1 million EUR. Project duration is 40 months, ending 31. December 2021.


    Last weekend a workshop aimed at tourist routes initiated by trainers in tourism, Blagovesta Tchifligarova and in storytelling, Krasimir Stoichkov took place at RAISE YOUTH Centre at Breznik.

  • Beginning of the partnership between CSCD and Breznik municipality

    Today on a session of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Breznik the decision of Center for Sustainable Communities Development of starting a RAISE Youth project in the region was unanimously supported.

  • Beginning of the storytelling course in Pernik

    February 29 – It’s almost ten o’clock and the first rays of the February sun are already shining in the garden in front of the United Children's Complex - Pernik. In front of the building, each person from the RAISE Youth team holds a variety of multimedia tools from yesterday and today’s world, and moves from foot to foot in trembling anticipation.

  • Embroidery training in Breznik creates future talents

    Ten young women from Trun and Breznik took part in the embroidery training organized at the regional youth center RAISE Youth.  Under the watchful eye of their trainer Gergina Shlyomskaya, they created bracelets, necklaces, various jewelry, cards, calendars, etc., which have become a real delight for the eye of anyone who peeks to see them.

  • Members of Raise Youth Centre (RYC) – Breznik (subsidiary of Center for Sustainable Communities Development - CSCD) attended Leadership Academy delivered by Perspective Institutes- Svishov

    Representatives of CSCD, part of RYC team attended Leadership Academy, organized by Perspective Institute (http://www.institute-perspectives.com/ ) from September 4 to September 8th in Svishov.

  • NEETs Bulgaria – what we know

    During the preparation of the RAISE YOUTH project, a survey was conducted with general information on NEETs - typology, characteristics, communication approach, influence of external factors such as demographic crisis and characteristics of young people.

    Here is a brief summary of the highlights of the report.


    August at RAISE YOUTH CENTER (RYC) in Breznik ended with the training on sustainable agriculture.

  • Press conference on the official launch of the RAISE Youth project

    A number of young people, regional media and local authorities attended the press conference of the Center for Sustainable Communities Development in the United Children's Complex in Pernik on December 3rd in connection with the launch of the RAISE Youth project .

  • RAISE Youth - Rural Action for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Youth

    RAISE Youth - Rural Action for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Youth

    Fund:The EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment
    40 months (1.9.2018. – 31.12.2021.)

  • RAISE Youth Demo center was established “po voda”*

    The torrential rain on Saturday morning, July 18, did not frighten nearly 50 people who came to support the grand opening of the RAISE Youth Center and wished success to the young people who will work and raise in it. Among those present were Mrs. Daniela Vladimirova, Deputy Mayor of Zemen Municipality and Stoyan Stoyanov, Secretary of Zemen Municipality. They not only expressed their greetings and readiness for support, but also stressed how talented today's youth is.


    At September 9th, in RYC in Breznik regional coordinators from municipalities Pernik, Tran and Radomir, center’s team together with  Mrs Stanimira Hadjimitova (Executive Director of Center for Sustainable Communities Development) and Trainings Coordinator Mrs Diana Georgieva had an organizational meeting.

  • The young people who bring positive change to Bulgaria: Milen Milanov

    Today we are presenting to you the first participant in CSCD’s project Raise Youth* aimed at supporting the youth in Pernik Area.

    Milen Milanov is 28 years old and was born in Breznik. He graduated BA Media and Journalism and MB Regional Development at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. His professional experience includes working for various news media and also dealing in PR and trade.

  • Thematic seminar for active youth projects

    Representatives of 18 countries working on 26 projects under the Norwegian Youth Employment Fund gathered in Brussels on 25 and 26 November. This meeting included beneficiaries from 15 countries, as well as the three donor countries - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

  • Workshop on RAISE Youth in Zagreb

    On December 10, 11 and 12, a partnership meeting was held on the RAISE Youth project, which was attended by representatives of all partners in Zagreb, Croatia. The project participants from the 4 countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Spain discussed their experiences so far, planned future project activities and shared their methods of reaching the main target group - NEETs.