The Launch of the “RAISE Youth” project took place on 03.07 at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. Under the full name “Rural Action for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Youth” the project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment with 3.1 million EUR. Project duration is 40 months, ending 31. December 2021.


    Last weekend a workshop aimed at tourist routes initiated by trainers in tourism, Blagovesta Tchifligarova and in storytelling, Krasimir Stoichkov took place at RAISE YOUTH Centre at Breznik.

  • (Dis)abled entrepreneurs – mission possible

    She is 26 years old and dreams of ennobling an old building by turning it into a bookstore. The most important thing for her is to make deliveries to each home through the bookstore, as she herself has motor disabilities and has more than once had difficulty getting her textbooks for school on time when she has to engage someone else in their delivery.

  • 13 young people from Pernik District participated in training for agricultural cooperatives

    13 young people from Pernik District took part in a one-day training on the topic: "Agricultural cooperatives, how and why to establish?"

  • 15 young people were trained to train under the RAISE Youth project

    The Regional Youth Center - Breznik organized the second part of embroidery training, which was held in United Children's Complex Pernik.

  • Beginning of the partnership between CSCD and Breznik municipality

    Today on a session of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Breznik the decision of Center for Sustainable Communities Development of starting a RAISE Youth project in the region was unanimously supported.

  • Beginning of the storytelling course in Pernik

    February 29 – It’s almost ten o’clock and the first rays of the February sun are already shining in the garden in front of the United Children's Complex - Pernik. In front of the building, each person from the RAISE Youth team holds a variety of multimedia tools from yesterday and today’s world, and moves from foot to foot in trembling anticipation.

  • Confectioners from Trun with an interest in the e-shop of RAISE Youth

    The team of the Regional Youth Center - Breznik (RYC) visited the town of Trun, where a meeting with mayor Tsvetislava Tsvetkova was scheduled. Alas, COVID measures prevented this meeting, but in a telephone conversation the mayor confirmed that the municipality is acquainted with the RAISE Youth project which aims to support youth employment, business, culture and tourism in Pernik District.

  • Dozens of young teachers and happy children welcomed the CSCD team in Breznik

    On June 8, the NEMO project trainer Diana Georgieva made her last meeting with the sixth-graders from Vasil Levski secondary school – Breznik, and the teachers received a donation for the school and got acquainted with the NEMO toolkit.

  • Embroidery training in Breznik creates future talents

    Ten young women from Trun and Breznik took part in the embroidery training organized at the regional youth center RAISE Youth.  Under the watchful eye of their trainer Gergina Shlyomskaya, they created bracelets, necklaces, various jewelry, cards, calendars, etc., which have become a real delight for the eye of anyone who peeks to see them.

  • Huge success for the RAISE Youth Western Farmers' Market

    The first Western Farmers' Market, organized under the RAISE Youth project, was a huge success.

    It was held on June 26 at the Regional Youth Center in Breznik, where hundreds of visitors had the opportunity to buy products from all over Pernik and Kyustendil - honey, cheese, cheese, meat, sausage, fruits, vegetables, lemonade, chips, sour and fresh. milk, pottery, art.

  • Kovachevtsi supports the activities of RAISE Youth and expresses a desire for cooperation

    The team of the Regional Youth Center-Breznik (RYC) met with the Deputy Mayor of Kovachevtsi Municipality Ivo Simeonov and Iva Borisova, Secretary of the Municipality. Due to the COVID measures, only two of the RMC representatives participated in the meeting.

  • Krakra TV presented a report on the activities of RAISE Youth (video)

    Krakra TV presented a detailed report in its evening news program in connection with the business planning training, which took place at the Regional Youth Center - Breznik.

  • Members of Raise Youth Centre (RYC) – Breznik (subsidiary of Center for Sustainable Communities Development - CSCD) attended Leadership Academy delivered by Perspective Institutes- Svishov

    Representatives of CSCD, part of RYC team attended Leadership Academy, organized by Perspective Institute (http://www.institute-perspectives.com/ ) from September 4 to September 8th in Svishov.

  • More and more young people are looking for development in their hometown

    Milen Milanov from the Regional Youth RAISE Center (RMC) - Breznik, took part in the second part of the final seminar of the "Youth Cooperation for Renewal of Agriculture through Education" (YOUCooperATE) project. The online event, in the form of a webinar, was organized by the National Association of Small Family Farms and Processors.

  • NEETs Bulgaria – what we know

    During the preparation of the RAISE YOUTH project, a survey was conducted with general information on NEETs - typology, characteristics, communication approach, influence of external factors such as demographic crisis and characteristics of young people.

    Here is a brief summary of the highlights of the report.

  • New mobile app TRAVEL SOFIA WEST

    The mobile app with the website https://travelsofiawest.eu/ are your new free time guide.

    If you live in Sofia and want to spend a pleasant weekend without traveling far, if you are a foreigner who wants to explore the surroundings of the capital or you are in the country for a few days business trip and you can steal only one free afternoon – TRAVEL SOFIA WEST is your place!

  • Participate in the photo contest "My favorite landmark in Pernik District"

    RAISE Youth Center - Breznik and Center for Sustainable Communities Development (CSCD) invite photographers from all over the country between the ages of 18 and 29 to participate in the competition "My favorite landmark in Pernik District" (municipalities of Pernik, Breznik, Radomir, Kovachevtsi, Zemen , Thorn).

  • Pernik agreed to support a farmers' market organized by RAISE Youth

    The team of the Regional Youth Center-Breznik met with the Deputy Mayor of Pernik - Stefan Krastev.

    The team presented a report on the trainings completed in 2020, as well as the program for the forthcoming activities during this year. The Deputy Mayor welcomed the activities of RAISE Youth, saying that his administration will cooperate with the RYC in the direction of accelerated development and establishment of the region as a place for creating a successful business and developing new tourism products.


    August at RAISE YOUTH CENTER (RYC) in Breznik ended with the training on sustainable agriculture.