Ten young women from Trun and Breznik took part in the embroidery training organized at the regional youth center RAISE Youth.  Under the watchful eye of their trainer Gergina Shlyomskaya, they created bracelets, necklaces, various jewelry, cards, calendars, etc., which have become a real delight for the eye of anyone who peeks to see them.

It turned out that not a few of the participants have a great sense of detail and a sense of aesthetics. Among other things, they were very dedicated to their work and some of them declared their readiness to continue in this activity and to sell their work through the online store, which is to be established very soon.

Enthusiasts and volunteers, including men, also took part in the course. Curiously, the boys were not inferior in embroidery to the girls and also did great. This is also due to the dedication and care of the trainer.

At the end of the 5-day course, certificates were distributed to all who passed the course. In addition, the best received special prizes - gilded scissors and embroidery textbooks.

You can see their most impressive inventions in the gallery! You will also soon be able to buy them in our online store!



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