RAISE YOUTH Centre, Breznik hosted last week its first youth event – RANGE.

Above 50 young people from Sofia, Pernik and Breznik gathered at RAISE YOUTH facility to discuss on global education principles, to learn interesting facts from the life and importance of wild bees. Short training part was followed by interesting competition for preparing of “flower balls” and hanging wooden hotels for wild bees.

And because there’s no competition without prizes team had been awarded with 3 different award categories based on the time they accomplish their tasks: 1st place: Wi-Fi charges for mobile devises; 2nd place – selfi sticks and the 3rd place – recycled coffee mugs.

Night continue with a party and talks with new friends.

Event had been co-organized by Bulgarian Platform for International Development (BPID) and Centre for Sustainable Communities Development (CSCD), kindly supported by guests from Rousse - Idea for Development Foundation.

RANGE Event is a part of BRIDGE47 Project implemented by BPID.

Photo Credit: CSCD


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