Last weekend a workshop aimed at tourist routes initiated by trainers in tourism, Blagovesta Tchifligarova and in storytelling, Krasimir Stoichkov took place at RAISE YOUTH Centre at Breznik.

Young people part of the storytelling training attended that workshop. Main idea of the meeting was to present a structure / map of elements one good tourist routes should have in order to attract the attention of both tour operators and tourists themselves. Trainers also presented actual offers on the touristic market. This short info session was followed by practical discussion on pilot thematic routes based on the specific cultural, historical and natural heritage of the region.

Working teams have been organized and they will start their field work at different places very soon. Their research discoveries and stories will build the main content of the touristic application.

Follow our info channels in order to stay tuned for the development of this activity.


Photo Credits: Krasimir Stoichkov, CSCD’s Archive



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