• Achieving economic independence as factor for leaving violent relationship is a subject on which GPF continues its work in a new two-year project

    In the beginning of the year the team of CSCD added to its project portfolio the project WEGO! 2. Achieving economic independence - a factor for leaving a violent relationship with the intimate partner (Building Economic Independence: the Way Out of Intimate Partner Violence, Ref. REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2017, Project ID 810371).

  • Are the companies sensitive towards the issue of domestic violence in Bulgaria?

    Corporate trainings within WEGO2 projects recently have started in Ruse. The main goal is to raise awareness on the topic of domestic violence in business and to provoke commitment to the problem.
    Mainly the trainings are attended by women. Some of the invited companies refused to join the trainings explaining that “domestic violence” is a family issue. Case of coronavirus in a company postponed the training.

  • Gender Equality Law in Bulgaria – 4 years later

    Gender-based violence is a problem invariably linked to the lack of equality between men and women, and most often to the economic dependency of partners in a relationship that can very often be the cause of violence and abuse. On April 26, 2016, Bulgaria adopted the Gender Equality Law, which aims to guarantee equal opportunities for both sexes. What did the country achieve 4 years later and what else is needed to achieve for a golden environment?

  • Informal meeting for cooperation on WEGO!2 project in Sofia

    On June 13, experts from Center for Sustainable Communities Development - Stanimira Hadjimitova and Diana Georgieva met representatives of CATRO Bulgaria - a subsidiary of one of the leading human resource development and management companies in Austria and experts of the "EmProve" Foundation https://emproveproject.eu). Together they updated information on past projects and opportunities for future cooperation.

  • On April 12th the experts from GPF have met the administration and social workers from PULS Foundation in the city of Pernik

    On April 12th the experts from CSCD have met the administration and social workers from PULS Foundation in the city of Pernik, which are one of the associated partners in the project WE GO!. During the discussion the objectives of the project were presented as well as the activities planned at the local level.

  • Peer to peer exchange in Karditsa, Greece

    On 11 and 12 February WEGO2! partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria met in Karditsa to get acquainted with the local Women's Empowerment Network and to discuss the next steps in the project.

  • Project WEGO2

    Project WEGO2

  • Promising start for WEGO!2 project in Ruse

    In the beginning of June, with the assistance of our associate partners Dinamika Center Ruse, we started work on the WEGO!2 project.

  • Raiffeisen Bank, A1 and Kaufland support women, victims of IPV

    Even during Covid-19 pandemic, truly responsible companies continue to lend a hand to the groups which needs support most. This became clear from the meetings of representatives of Raiffeisenbank, Kaufland and A1 with the CSCD experts within the WEGO2 project.

  • Roundtable - Economic empowerment of women victims of GBV in Bulgaria

    According to a 2017 European Transport Workers’ Federation survey one quarter (25%) of women transport workers believe that violence against women is a regular occurrence in the transport sector, even more (26%) believe that harassment is considered to be ‘part of the job’ in transport.

  • Steering Committee Meeting on the WEGO project! 2 in Sofia

    Last week, WEGO! 2 partners from Greece, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria met in Sofia to discuss future project tasks.

  • The corporate trainings under the WEGO2 project have started in the city of Ruse

    Diana Georgieva from CSCD Sofia met with the team of Ruse Trade and Industrial Company, where she presented the WEGO2 project, the results achieved so far, the active activities and the future plans of the partners. As part of the corporate training after that, the expert focused on the different types of violence, the consequences for the victims themselves, as well as for business and society.

  • Training of social workers on the WEGO2 project in Pernik

    CSCD’s director Stanimira Hadjimitova and Jivka Marinova – director of Gender Education, Research and Technology Foundation conducted training of social workers from PULS Foundation on 24, 25 and 26 February in Pernik.

  • Training of social workers on the WEGO2 project in Ruse

    On 26, 27 and 28 January, CSCD expert Diana Georgieva presented to the Center Dynamics - Ruse the social relations plan prepared under the WEGO2 project. She shared the methodology of work and introduced to the social workers the templates for work.

  • Training on the WEGO2 project in Pernik

    On 12, 13 and 14 November the Pulse Foundation - Pernik met with representatives of the Directorate of Social Assistance, Regional Health Inspectorate, NGOs, representatives of several municipalities in the region and students and presented the WEGO2 project.

  • Training on the WEGO2 project in Ruse

    On November 20, 21, 23 and 24 several trainings on the WEGO2! Project took place in Rousse. Center Dynamica Association expert Deana Dimova presented to the more than 30 students at Angel Kanchev University of Ruse  "Social Activities" department of the project, its goals and activities.


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