The idea of  Astrea team to create a social enterprise gathered the most points from the jury. The winners in the category "Applicability and potential for development" were the "Arrow" team, and the most innovative solution was presented by the team "Social workers 6".

Last weekend (February 26-28) turned out to be especially dynamic for over 70 students from Ruse University. They competed in finding original solutions to problems such as financial literacy, childcare, job changes, wellbeing and leisure, for women who have experienced domestic violence. The teams worked on 12 cases, developed by high school graduates from the English high school in Ruse.

Within 48 hours, students worked with mentors - experts from Association Centre Dinamika and the CSCD expert Diana Georgieva and took part in several lectures on presentation skills, problem solving and improvisation.





On Sunday, 13 teams presented their ideas to a competent jury - Galya Ivanova from Kaufland Bulgaria, Irina Zarkova from Raiffeisenbank, Zaharinka Gabrovska from ZONTA Club Ruse, Miriana Dimitrova from Soroptimist Ruse, Prof. Sasho Nunev from Ruse University and Stanimira Hadjimitova, Director of CSCD.

The evaluators were most impressed by the idea of the Astrea team - first-year students. As a solution to the problem of finding work for women survivors of domestic violence, they proposed the creation of a social enterprise at a crisis center. It will deal with the production and sale of themed souvenirs and with the cleaning of homes and offices - something that is currently lacking as a service in the city. The team also suggested several ways to fund the project.

The most innovative was the decision of the team of Social workers 6, who decided to create a therapeutic club at the local equestrian sports club. Thus, in addition to social work with women, they will also offer riding therapy and occupational therapy.

According to the hackathon jury, the idea with the greatest potential for development was that of the Arrow team, who decided to establish their own foundation and build a center for working with children and women with various clubs by activities and interests.

The event ended with the promise that this is just the beginning for all participants and in the future a market for ideas will be organized so that the best projects can really be realized.

You can find video from the public presentations here.

You can watch the awarding ceremony here.



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