Diana Georgieva from CSCD Sofia met with the team of Ruse Trade and Industrial Company, where she presented the WEGO2 project, the results achieved so far, the active activities and the future plans of the partners. As part of the corporate training after that, the expert focused on the different types of violence, the consequences for the victims themselves, as well as for business and society.

The conversation continued with the tools and the work being done on the project. Deana Dimova, director of Centre Dinamika Association presented the services of the center to help and support women victims of domestic violence and their children. The conversation continued in the direction of how the Ruse Trade and Industrial Company could help. At this first stage, two options were discussed - offering free access for the client of the center to the training platform of the chamber and specifying the need of the center for materials and consumables and specifying how to help provide them. All participants agreed on the idea of creating a good partnership and taking the next steps. During the meeting, the possibility for the proposal for conducting corporate trainings to reach the members of the Commercial and Industrial Company was also commented.

On the last day of June a meeting was held with representatives of the University Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment KANEV - Ruse. The hospital has more than 1,000 staff, most of whom are women, and the topic of domestic violence and the economic empowerment of women survivors of violence has met with a positive attitude among all the stakeholders during the meeting. Adaptation of the corporate training is forthcoming, according to the requirements of the hospital and organization of trainings for the staff. Petya Georgieva from Centre Dinamika Association acquainted the attendees with the services of the center to help and support women survivors of violence, the possibilities of partnership with organizations from the Alliance for Protection against Gender-Based Violence, the toll-free telephone line, etc.

Talks with both organizations will continue in the subsequent development of the territorial protocol for cooperation, which will cover the Ruse region.



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