On June 8, the NEMO project trainer Diana Georgieva made her last meeting with the sixth-graders from Vasil Levski secondary school – Breznik, and the teachers received a donation for the school and got acquainted with the NEMO toolkit.

The information day was noisy and dynamic. Young people were more active than ever to share their opinions and views on how they see the world around them and how they assess the influence of the media around them. The culmination of the meeting with them was the distribution of certificates of participation and greetings to their favorite teacher – Diana Georgieva.

The teachers from the school, in turn, shared their impressions of the content of the toolkit - "In our opinion, these topics must enter the school, but training is needed for the teachers themselves to feel confident enough and talk to their students with the necessary self-confidence ", the director shared. Teachers themselves monitor online entry from a very early age and argue that children between the ages of 11 and 14 are already very familiar with social media and we need to focus on the younger ones.

The school psychologist also faced problems related to discrimination or sharing uncensored content online and the bad consequences of its distribution.

The meeting ended with the donation of a laptop and multimedia by the director of the CSCD - Stanimira Hadjimitova and talks about promising future partnerships between the secondary school and the Regional Youth Center RAISE Youth, which hosted the event. You can learn more about it and its activities on the website in the RAISE Youth section.


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