Eighth-graders from the Mathematical High School "Baba Tonka" - Ruse were extremely well prepared on the topics of Internet safety, fake news and discrimination during NEMO laboratories. Their trainer, Diana Georgieva from the CSCD, was extremely impressed by the discussions that took place the recent months.

Today she had the opportunity to reward them for their efforts and met with their teachers. They got acquainted with the NEMO toolkit and the exercises developed in it. Teachers have expressed interest in continuing to work on these topics with young people, so they are expected to receive copies of the toolkit very soon.

According to them, as well as according to the trainer Diana Georgieva, working with children of different ages requires a different approach, as the experience during NEMO laboratories shows that in the interval 5-8 grade young people change very quickly and their understandings and assessment of different situations are different.


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