Honey and bee products, as well as an abundance of souvenirs, were among the highlights of the farmer's market organized by the Regional RAISE Youth Center in the village of Gigintsi.

The event coincided with the reception of the relics of Saint George in the Tsyrnogorski Monastery "Saints Saints Cosmas and Damian".

The visitors bought ecologically clean honey from Vasilen Vasilev - a young beekeeper from the region of Breznik who is just developing his business and dreams of multiplying both his hives and the range of products he offers.

Others preferred handmade and painted souvenirs from our friends from Radomir - Zhenya and Desi, creators of EcoEthnoArt.

There were also supporters of Bulgarian traditional motifs who chose for themselves and their relatives embroidered jewelry with Bulgarian needlework. The jewelry of the "RAISE Graovo" needlework workshop is gaining more and more popularity in the region.

You can find more about the workshop, as well as other initiatives of the Regional RAISE Youth Center, on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/RYCBreznik



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