• NEETs Bulgaria – what we know

    During the preparation of the RAISE YOUTH project, a survey was conducted with general information on NEETs - typology, characteristics, communication approach, influence of external factors such as demographic crisis and characteristics of young people.

    Here is a brief summary of the highlights of the report.

  • Workshop on RAISE Youth in Zagreb

    On December 10, 11 and 12, a partnership meeting was held on the RAISE Youth project, which was attended by representatives of all partners in Zagreb, Croatia. The project participants from the 4 countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Spain discussed their experiences so far, planned future project activities and shared their methods of reaching the main target group - NEETs.

  • Работна среща по проект RAISE Youth в Загреб

    На 10, 11 и 12 декември се проведе партньорска среща по проект RAISE Youth, в която взеха участие представители на всички партньори в Загреб, Хърватска. Участниците в проекта от 4-те държави – България, Хърватска, Румъния и Испания обсъдиха своя опит до момента, планираха бъдещите дейности по проекта и споделиха методите си за достигане на основната таргет група NEETs.