С удоволствие съобщаваме, че е отворен за кандидатстване вторият онлайн курс на английски език по проект “Reporting Effectively on Development, Minorities and Migration” (CSO-LA/2017/388-349)

Ето линк към страницата за кандидатстване: https://minorityrights.org/media-minorities-and-migration/
Краен срок: 10 февруари 2019 г.

Курсът стартира на 18 февруари 2019 г.

Course Content:


Introduction to international development

Critical issues affecting minorities and indigenous people

Introduction to issues concerning migration

Media, minorities and indigenous people

Minority- and migration-sensitive development journalism in practice


    Webinars/Senior Media professionals

    Regular assessment/practice based assignments

    Final Assignment/Draft Story/Peer feedback

    Direct contact with minority communities

Online Forum:

    Open to students, for more in-depth discussion

    Facilitated by tutors – promote topics

    Establish network of senior editors/journalism professors

    Develop content for RTs

We accept a maximum of 50 participants from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to the course and the most active 10 people will be able to travel to participate in a face-to-face training and collect stories about minorities, indigenous peoples and migrants in four different African countries and Greece, Italy and Spain, bring back materials for articles or short films and publish them in your media.

Станимира Хаджимитова

Ръководител на проекта за България, Тел. 0888 242592