The team of the Regional Youth Center-Breznik met with the Deputy Mayor of Pernik - Stefan Krastev.

The team presented a report on the trainings completed in 2020, as well as the program for the forthcoming activities during this year. The Deputy Mayor welcomed the activities of RAISE Youth, saying that his administration will cooperate with the RYC in the direction of accelerated development and establishment of the region as a place for creating a successful business and developing new tourism products.

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The team of the Regional Youth Center - Breznik (RYC) visited the town of Trun, where a meeting with mayor Tsvetislava Tsvetkova was scheduled. Alas, COVID measures prevented this meeting, but in a telephone conversation the mayor confirmed that the municipality is acquainted with the RAISE Youth project which aims to support youth employment, business, culture and tourism in Pernik District.

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