The first of its kind Western Farmers' Market, which will present food and crafts from Pernik District on June 26, is expanding its program. The exhibition "My favorite landmark in Pernik District" will be opened within the market, in which the finalists in the competition will be presented and prizes will be awarded for the best three photos.

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RAISE Youth Center - Breznik and Center for Development of Sustainable Communities (CIA) extend the participation in the competition "My favorite landmark in Pernik" (municipalities Pernik, Breznik, Radomir, Kovachevtsi, Zemen, Trun) until June 1, 2021. And no only this - the prize fund also jumps: the authors of the photos ranked first, second and third will receive BGN 300, 200 and BGN 100, respectively. The best photo will be turned into a unique tapestry!

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