The Regional Youth Center - Breznik and CIA have the pleasure to invite you to the Western Farmers' Market - the first of its kind event in Pernik District, which aims to bring together small and medium-sized local farmers, breeders and craftsmen to offer their products and services to guests from surrounding towns and villages.

The market will be held on June 26 from 10:00 to 16:00 in Breznik, in the former Vocational School of Agriculture (PGSS) "Nikola Vaptsarov", also known as MTU among locals. Its address is 75 Andrey Mihailov Street.

10 local producers have confirmed their presence so far, and more are expected:

  • - The farm of the village of Gorna Vrabcha, Zemen municipality, which will offer high quality yoghurt and fresh milk, mature cheeses, yellow cheeses and butter, beef delicacies, sausage, sausage, meat in a jar, pate, eggs from free hens, honey and wine;
  • - Manoel Stoilov will offer organic honey from Breznishko;
  • - Ivo Sotirov from Pernik will offer field and sunflower honey;
  • - Krassimir Stoyanov from the village of Kipolovtsi, Kyustendil region, is a producer of organic fruits and vegetables;
  • - Lyudmila Angelova from the village of Zhabokrug, Kyustendil region, offers her home-grown fruits and vegetables;
  • - Olga Gorcheva from the village of Granitsa, Kyustendil municipality, will offer organic fruits and vegetables;
  • - Petar Rangelov from the Montenegrin monastery "St. St. Bezsrebrenitsi and Chudotvortsi Kozma and Damyan Asiyski", village of Gigintsi, Breznishko, will offer buffalo yoghurt and cheese;
  • - The Busin handicraft mill from Transko will offer master pottery using traditional technology from centuries ago;
  • - The National Chitalishte "Kruger Nikolov" from the village of Peshtera, Zemen region, will prepare authentic dishes typical of the region of Kraishte;
  • - "EcoEthnoArt" from Radomir will present their hand-painted souvenirs, toys, cards and more.

The RAISE Youth project, implemented by the Center for Development of Sustainable Communities, covers over 500 young people aged between 18 and 29, living in the municipalities of Pernik, Breznik, Trun, Radomir, Zemen and Kovachevtsi, who are not currently involved. Within its framework, various trainings for career and personal development are passed, and the most active 20 participants will be provided with additional training and mentoring assistance to start their own business.

The RAISE Youth project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


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