RAISE Youth Center - Breznik and Center for Development of Sustainable Communities (CIA) extend the participation in the competition "My favorite landmark in Pernik" (municipalities Pernik, Breznik, Radomir, Kovachevtsi, Zemen, Trun) until June 1, 2021. And no only this - the prize fund also jumps: the authors of the photos ranked first, second and third will receive BGN 300, 200 and BGN 100, respectively. The best photo will be turned into a unique tapestry!

The competition is open to photographers from all over the country between the ages of 18 and 29, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

The aim of the competition is to provide an opportunity for everyone, whether professional or amateur in photography, to show and promote their favorite places in the region by sharing their own photos related to different types of natural, archaeological, cultural, historical and intangible sites.

The best 20 photos will be included in our mobile application for tourism promotion in Pernik District in Bulgaria and around the world, as well as in a physical exhibition. The participant with the best photo will also receive a special prize.

Regulations of the photo competition


1.1. Each author can participate with only up to 3 photos in the photo contest.

    Age of participants.

18-29 years.

    Technical requirements for the photos sent for the photo contest.

Гоблен на църквата в Брезник, изработен по проекта RAISE YOUTH

3.1. Photos must be in digital JPEG format, have a title and short text describing the place.

3.2. Files must not be larger than 10MB.

3.3. The following additional processing of the photo is allowed:

- brightness and contrast processing;

- image sharpening;

- re-frame the photo.

3.4. Photo collages, as well as photos that are roughly retouched digitally or contain additional inscriptions and graphics are not allowed. The aim of the competition is to show photos that are as close as possible to the natural environment they have captured.

    Registration and participation.

4.1. Registration for participation and sending photos is at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4.2. Each photo participating in the contest must have the following information:

- title of the photo;

- name and age of the author photographer;

- text describing the place;

- telephone for feedback.

Each participant will receive a confirmation of the successful registration of the material he / she has submitted for participation in the competition.

All photos received in the competition will be published on the Facebook page "Support for Youth in Pernik District", where each user will have the opportunity to vote for the image of his choice.

The awarded photos will be selected by a 9-member jury, which will include one representative of the municipalities of Pernik, Radomir, Breznik, Trun, Zemen and Kovachevtsi, one representative of RAISE Youth Center - Breznik, one representative of the Center for Sustainable Communities and one representative of NATFA. To the jury's evaluation will be added the voice of the audience, measured in the most likes of the photos posted on Facebook.


5.1. Deadline for sending photos:

Start: April 22

End: May 22

Photos for participation can be sent at any time between the beginning and the end of the competition.

    Announcement of the nominees and winners.

The names of the winners will be announced on June 1 on the Facebook page "Support for Youth in Pernik District".

6.1. The ranked photos will take part in an exhibition, which will be opened at the end of June 2021, and will be included in our mobile application for tourism promotion in Pernik District.

6.2. The best photo, evaluated by the jury, will be turned into a unique tapestry, which will be presented to its author, as well as will be released in a limited series for distribution in the country and abroad.

    Copyright and use of submitted photos.

The participants in the competition voluntarily provide their photographs for subsequent purposes to the organizers.

  1. The general conditions are an integral part of the competition rules.

The General Terms and Conditions set out above are obligatory and regulate the procedure for conducting the Competition and the conditions for participation in it. By applying, the participants confirm that they have read, understood and accept them unconditionally.

The RAISE Youth project, implemented by the Center for Development of Sustainable Communities, covers over 500 young people aged between 18 and 29, living in the municipalities of Pernik, Breznik, Trun, Radomir, Zemen and Kovachevtsi, who are not currently involved. Within its framework, various trainings for career and personal development are passed, and the most active 20 participants will be provided with additional training and mentoring assistance to start their own business.

The RAISE Youth project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.




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