The team of the Regional Youth Center - Breznik visited the Municipality of Radomir, where it met with Ms. Elisaveta Kirilova - Director of the Directorate "Financial-Administrative and Legal Services" (FAPO) at the Municipal Administration.

Ms. Kirilova said that the local government was aware of the activities of the RAISE YOUTH project. She said that she admires the efforts to empower the young generation and the chance we give them with our training programs for starting, managing and developing their own business.

In the course of the talks, the possibility for participation of the RYC in established over the years holidays of the cultural calendar of the municipality was discussed, such as the traditional St. George's Day craft fair, the holiday of Radomir Boza (sweet drink traditional to the Balkans), the day of the city and others.

Ms. Kirilova approved the idea of ​​the RYC team to hold farmers' markets in Pernik District, because the region has the potential to produce environmentally friendly products and more and more young people choose agriculture as an area through which they can develop sustainable, responsible and profitable business.

At the end of the meeting, a commitment was made to promote our project activities through the website and Facebook page of the municipal administration.

The RAISE Youth project, implemented by the Center for Development of Sustainable Communities, covers over 500 young people aged between 18 and 29, living in the municipalities of Pernik, Breznik, Trun, Radomir, Zemen and Kovachevtsi, who are not currently involved. Within its framework, various trainings for career and personal development are passed, and the most active 20 participants will be provided with additional training and mentoring assistance to start their own business.

The RAISE youth project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and the Norwegian Youth Employment Grant Fund.


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