On February 14 and 15, online representatives of more than 10 companies and unions gathered to talk about sexual harassment in the workplace. After getting acquainted with the legal framework, they participated in a lively discussion with various examples and quizzes.

Together, the participants discussed how it is appropriate to react in different situations when a problem of this nature arises among employees. The National Representative Study, prepared under the TEAMWORK project, was also presented during the meeting, as well as the online platform where victims can get acquainted with the stories of other victims or tell their own. There they can also find detailed content on what is the Bulgarian legislation regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

The platform also allows for self-assessment of the business. After completing a short questionnaire, the representatives of each company can find out if they are doing well in providing safe working conditions for their employees who are worried about this type of violence. They can receive a special badge that distinguishes their company as a company active against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Within the framework of the project, several meetings are forthcoming in order to implement joint future initiatives with institutions and organizations at national level.



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