Last week, Center for Sustainable Communities Development held a series of online meetings with 23 representatives of business, the NGO sector, trade unions, the Commission for Protection against Discrimination and state agencies.

Among the main results of these events are the upcoming organization of a national conference on sexual harassment in the workplace. It is expected to take place by mid-2022 and representatives of all stakeholders will be invited.

In addition, the participants in these meetings agreed to support the Subscription initiated by the Union of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria for the ratification of Convention 190 of the International Labor Organization. It formulates and proclaims a new labor law - the right of every person to a job without violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment.


During the meetings, good practices from the business were shared. One of them is Kaufland Bulgaria, which offers a new additional Code of Ethics in the company related to harassment in the workplace. Discussion of this document to be implemented in the large international family of the company is forthcoming.

The problem of harassment in the workplace is also highlighted in the work of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Agriculture. The Deputy Chairman of the organization will organize live meetings between experts from the Center for Sustainable Communities Development and women working in the agricultural sector in Bulgaria and abroad.

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