On Friday (April 7), the day before International Roma Day, students, teachers and parents from "Otets Paisii" Secondary School, Medkovets village, organized a concert in connection with the holiday. During it, they presented various skits, dances, games and quizzes.

The purpose of the event was to get to know the roots of the Roma culture and, through humor, to pose the important questions for the community. A participant in the event was Nancy Borisova from the Center for Sustainable Communities Development, who presented the idea of creating the first youth European Roma web radio on the territory of the school.

This is one of the main products within the GEAR project - Gender Equality and Antidiscrimination for Roma. Students and teachers will be informed about the topics of equality between women and men, girls and boys, equality in the labor market and in private life. A number of trainings and analyzes will be conducted, based on which tools will be created to facilitate work on the relevant topics.

The volunteer youth group from Kosharnik quarter, Montana, led by Mr. Tashko Kirilov, was also introduced to the project. During the meeting with the 10 young people, their dreams and opportunities for realization were discussed, as well as their ideas for changing the place and environment in which they live. Some of the youth also expressed interest and willingness to work on the GEAR project and develop skills in the field of audio media and gender equality.

The project will continue to be implemented locally. Other informal initiatives are planned until the end of the calendar year. The most active young people will become "Agents of Change" and, together with their peers from Belgium, Romania and Italy, will become real journalists and digital gurus.


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