In the next 2 years, the partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Belgium will work with young people from the Roma community and their trainers in order to increase the competences in the field of gender equality.

For this purpose, a webradio will be created, where young people will have a platform through which they can talk about the topics that concern them. Together, they will form an editorial team that, with the help of the relevant equipment, will create various broadcasts, as well as maintain profiles on social media.

The meeting on February 13 and 14 took place in Sofia Lab and in the Center for Sustainable Communities Development’s office as it is the host organization for Bulgaria. Representatives of all partners gathered, ideas were also discussed for various informal initiatives to inspire young people on their journey to empowerment. This will happen through concerts, theatre productions, meetings with inspiring actors and journalists from the Roma community.

Within the project in addition to training courses for the youth and for the professionals who work with them, several handbooks will be developed for the benefit of practitioners during their work with representatives of the Roma community from 11 to 20 years old.

A study trip to Sibiu, Romania is planned for the children, where together the teenagers from the 4 partner countries will come up with the look and concept of their radio and become "Actors of Change" for their local communities.

A number of in-depth analyzes of the needs in each community will be carried out, so that each of the products created within the project can be maximally useful for the respective target group, and each of the results comes specifically from the community representatives as a main actors in the initiative.

The field work starts next month - with what and where the first meetings will be held, stay tuned to the website for more information!


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