Gender equality and antidiscrimination of Roma will be a topic on which we will work together with young people and educators from "Otets Paisiy" secondary school in the village of Medkovets in the next two years.

Our first meeting with the teenagers was in connection with the World Theater Day, and our guest was the actress of Roma origin Natalia Tsekova. In front of more than 100 children, she played several excerpts from her one-man show "Gypsy Wheels", which recreates the torment of a young Roma woman who tries to renounce her essence in the name of love.

The event was also organized in the form of a talk, with questions about self-discovery and self-knowledge, the social roles of men and women, and the dreams of young people.


The students participated in the discussion with a number of questions and showed incredible interest. They also interviewed the actress, and they will post the interview on the school's Youtube channel and on the school website.


The project will continue to be implemented locally. 14 more informal initiatives are planned by the end of the calendar year, as well as trainings for teachers and students. The most active young people from the local school will become "Agents of Change" and together with their peers from Belgium, Romania and Italy, will create the first European youth Roma web radio.

Read more about the initiative on our website.


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