Center for Sustainable Communities Development and Dinamika Association Ruse – partners in the European project Children First launched a desk research on the existing legislative and institutional framework, which at this stage engages representatives of various institutions in the process of prevention, recognition and work with the phenomenon of children witnessing domestic violence.

The research work will continue in June with expert interviews and focus groups with 40 representatives of stakeholders - social workers, psychologists, pediatricians, teachers, police, media and others. During these meetings, the experts from the two organizations will also meet with women who have experienced domestic violence, and a little later in time psychologists from Dinamika Center Ruse will hold meetings with children who have witnessed domestic violence. The aim of the research activities is to assess the recognizability of the phenomenon at national and regional level, to identify the deficits in the system of prevention, recognition and work with the phenomenon. The conclusions at a later stage will be used to prepare educational materials and conduct trainings in Sofia and Ruse.

Follow our website for the conclusions of these meetings, and at a later stage for the next project activities.


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