START: 01.01.2020
END: 31.12.2022


  • Horizon Serivce, Italy – leading partner
  • Ares 2.0, Italy
  • Center for Sustainable Communities Development, Bulgaria
  • Dinamika Centre Association, Bulgaria
  • Women's Center Of Karditsa, Greece
  • Cismai, Italy



CF aims to improve the quality of assistance and support, provided by public and private services for minors suffering from Witnessing Domestic Violence (WDV), i.e. make services more competent, cooperative and respectful of children rights.

Our tasks are:

  • Investigation of the characteristics of lesions when children are WDV (eg symptoms, effects of traumas, etc.), in order to develop a training manual for professionals
  • Improvement through the training of the skills of practitioners working with children who are WDV
  • Promoting collaboration, a multidisciplinary and holistic approach

The project will involve 3 target groups - professionals at national and regional level (Social Assistance Agency, pediatricians, nurses, school psychologists, speech therapists, lawyers, representatives of municipalities, universities, NGOs), mothers, survivors of violence and children WDV.

In May and June 2020, focus groups will be organized with at least 40 experts, and then with 8 mothers, victims of violence and 8 children WDV. Interviews with a psychologist are provided for the children and they will be organized in accordance with all requirements for working with children.

A desk research and a Training Manual will also be prepared with information on the European and national framework for the treatment of children WDV cases. Training seminars for social workers, lawyers and mediators will be organized in parallel in Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. The aim is to create a sustainable model of behavior for children.

Cascade training will be held for 100 people across the country and pilot meetings to empower 30 mothers and 20 children witnessing domestic violence. An exchange of experience will be held and partnership protocols will be signed with institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders.

The final activity includes two information days - with representatives of the institutions and the NGO sector, as well as with students from the University of Ruse, the Department of Public Health and Social Services and a closing conference in Milan also will be organized.



Center for Sustainable Communities Development

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