On May 26, students from "Otets Paisiy" Secondary School, Medkovets village, had the opportunity to meet the teacher, who also graduated from their school, and to talk with him about the sports that excite them.

The guest talked about his life path and what opportunities the study at the "Vasil Levski" National Sports Academy opens up for them. The youngsters were particularly impressed by his stories about his school years in the village of Medkovets and the passion for the sport that led him to his greatest successes.

Nancy Borisova from the Center for Sustainable Communities Development also took part in the meeting. Together with her, the students commented on the typically "male" and "female" disciplines in sports, as well as the sports successes of female and male athletes in Bulgaria in the last few years. Sport is increasingly becoming one of the most powerful platforms for promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls. Significant progress is also being made at the Olympic Games, where organizers are increasingly striving to balance the number of male and female athletes. All students were interested to see how the things will be in the next Olympic Games.

The young people were very excited about the sports-themed meeting and expressed a desire for more discussions like this one. One of the ideas of the school management is to invite famous sportsmen and athletes to a series of meetings with the students.



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