On May 30, the author of a number of children's books presented some of her works to the students, and they participated in a dramatization of one of her stories.

Ms. Simova narrated the short version of her autobiography through her little listeners. She answers to their questions: how does one become a writer, what are poems, whether poetry or short stories are easier to write, has she always dreamed of becoming a teacher and a writer, what she dreams of now. She read to them her stories "The Weeping Cherry" and several of her poems.

Some of them advocate the topic of romantic relationships between men and women, thus opening up the topic of relationships between the two sexes and the ways in which they communicate.

The students boasted to the guest about their participation in the GEAR project and told how they were looking forward to the creation of their own student radio. Mrs. Simova promised to visit them again when the radio starts its own life.

Miss Nancy Borisova from the Center for Sustainable Communities Development was also a guest at the meeting, who had conversations with the children of different ages about what impressed them the most from the meeting with Mrs. Simova. Together with the young people, another topic was discussed about the language we use when we communicate with our peers of the opposite sex, is there a place for love lyrics in their modern everyday life and what are the words we should and should not use when we want to express our feelings and intentions towards the person next to us.



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