On May 30, young people from "Otets Paisiy" Secondary School in the village of Medkovets met with the foundation's team and learned more about its activities, types of discrimination and opportunities for summer camps and camps for girls.

Hristo Hristov, a member of the "Arete" team, started the meeting with a role play, and then told the young people who he and the team are and what they do. He had prepared a number of examples from social networks, television shows and even the Bulgarian parliament to illustrate what discrimination is. Emphasis was placed on gender and ethnic discrimination.

Some of the students present had already been involved in the activities of the Arete Youth Foundation, and together with the guests, they shared their experiences at the summer camps that the organization organizes every year. This is far from all - the national camps for girls of Roma origin are a special highlight of the foundation's program.

The camp is a three-day intensive and interactive event for girls of Roma origin between the ages of 16 and 25. The camp program consists of lectures and workshops to support the development of skills and confidence for social and educational achievement among young Roma women. Girls have the opportunity to interact with female role models in the community, learn social and leadership skills, and attend lectures on issues facing women today!

The students told their guests about the GEAR project and the development of their youth radio, and the Arete Foundation expressed its desire to support this initiative as well. Small local initiatives based on an idea of the young people themselves will also be supported. "Arete" will hold a competition for the selection of a small youth project among the schools from all over the country with which it works. Radostina Chaprazova, director of the organization, expressed her readiness to support the idea of the children from Medkovets regardless of the decision of the commission in the competition.

The students left the meeting extremely excited and inspired, believing that they have met people in whose person they can get support not only for academic, but also for personal cases and needs!


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