On August 7 and 8, representatives of 19 companies took part in a training organized by the Center for Sustainable Communities Development to build the capacity of employees in management positions on the issue of "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace".

During the two days, Stanimira Hadjimitova from CSCD and Violeta Ivanova from the Institute for Social and Trade Union Research introduced the participants to the definition, the basic concept and the legal framework regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Representatives of various companies had the opportunity to work on specific cases on the creation of an internal policy on sexual harassment and reactions to complaints or signals from victims. It was interesting to briefly present the conclusions of the assessment made this year in the United States of the financial and economic costs of sexual harassment, an assessment that is important to be made in Bulgaria - both for the individual and for the employer and society as a whole.

Everyone agrees that training and various activities are also needed for the staff of each of the companies, so that each employee is informed where and how to protect their rights.

The results of the National Survey on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, conducted within the project TEAMWORK - CombaT sExuAl harassment in the WORKplace were also presented during the training. The results of the survey can be found on CSCD’s webpage section TEAMWORK.



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