Milen Milanov from the Regional Youth RAISE Center (RMC) - Breznik, took part in the second part of the final seminar of the "Youth Cooperation for Renewal of Agriculture through Education" (YOUCooperATE) project. The online event, in the form of a webinar, was organized by the National Association of Small Family Farms and Processors.

The topic Milanov participated with was "Youth Cooperation for Local Community Development". He focused on the activities and initiatives carried out so far by the RAISE Youth center , including personal mentoring programs and training in the fields of sustainable agriculture, tourism and IT technologies.

Milen Milanov also said that so far the project "Raise Youth" meets the needs and requirements of young people aged 18 to 29 years. "Our project is an opportunity for young people to be an active party in improving the living conditions of the local community and individual settlements. More and more of them are aware of the need to start their own business and are looking for development in their hometown, "he said.

Milanov presented the new tourist mobile application , prepared after the Tourism training and providing information about landmarks, routes, places to eat, stay and interesting initiatives in Pernik region. He also spoke about the work of the RMC on several other ambitious ideas, including the creation of an e-shop for local traditional foods and handicrafts, as well as the establishment of a tourist cooperative.

Among the guests and participants in the webinar was Mrs. Vanya Boyuklieva - Deputy Chairman of the Central Cooperative Union. She invited the Regional Youth RAISE Center to participate in joint activities in the field of youth cooperation in the already established national network.

During the final seminar of the project "Youth Cooperation for Agricultural Renewal through Education" (YOUCooperATE), participants from several Vocational Schools of Agriculture presented their ready business plans for the development of agricultural cooperation. They will take part in the presentation of an agricultural cooperative in Italy.

The RAISE Youth project, implemented by the Center for Development of Sustainable Communities, covers over 500 young people aged between 18 and 29, living in the municipalities of Pernik, Breznik, Trun, Radomir, Zemen and Kovachevtsi, who are not currently involved. Within its framework, various trainings for career and personal development are passed, and the most active 20 participants will be provided with additional training and mentoring assistance to start their own business.

The RAISE Youth project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


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