At the beginning of March in Sofia, in the shared spaces of Sofia Lab and Zone 21, representatives of the NEMO consortium met within three days.

Representatives of the lead organization Arci Solidarietà Onlus (Italy) have explained both the main activities of the project, focusing on management and financial planning and accountability, as well as activities in the first year.

The members of the other organizations briefly outlined the projects they are working on, as well as the expertise they have in their organizations. In the next days, the organizations leading the directions in which activities within the first year should be carried out have the opportunity to familiarize the present colleagues with the forthcoming tasks as well as the  peculiarities in preparing the relevant resources for each of the activities, namely:

  • analytical activity set in WP 2: Analysis of needs, to a leading partner Università Degli Studi Di Roma Tor Vergata (Italy);
  • WP3: Creating a Handbook with leading Urban Prod (France),
  • WP 5: Impact Assessment with a Lead Partner (Università Degli Studi Di Roma Tor Vergata) and
  • WP 6: Communication and dissemination of the results of the representative of Ares 2.0 (Italy).

During the practical exercises, the interview model was tested and the partners expressed their suggestions for adapting the proposed model to be more successful in working with target audience representatives.

The guests of Sofia from Italy, France, Austria and Hungary had the opportunity to enjoy some of the sights Sofia boasts during a wonderful walk with a Sofia Free Tour guide during the first night of their stay. All of them appreciated the Bulgarian cuisine in a dignified manner.

Project partners:

  • Arci Solidarietà Onlus (Italy);
  • Università Degli Studi Di Roma Tor Vergata (Italy);
  • Ares 2.0 (Italy);
  • Südwind (Austria),
  • Radio Afrika Tv (Austria);
  • Center for Sustainable Communities Development (Bulgaria),
  • Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria (Bulgaria);
  • Urban Prod (France)
  • and Afrikáért (Hungary).



Center for Sustainable Communities Development

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