On November 21, a workshop on Effective Reporting for Development, Minorities and Migration was held, where students had the opportunity to learn more about migration and indigenous people and to receive valuable advices from journalists who have worked in different points across the globe.

In the first part, MMM project manager in Bulgaria Stanimira Hadzhimitova spoke about the opportunities the project offers to journalism students from all universities in Bulgaria. Prof. Dr. Maria Neykova presented detailed information on the problems of development in the context of migration and the problems of the indigenous population.

The event continued with the transfer of experience from journalists who have already traveled within the project and worked on relevant topics. These were Velina Barova for Lesbos Island, Delyan Todorov for Morocco and Nancy Borisova for southern Spain. They gave valuable advice to their younger colleagues on what to do and not to do when starting their journalistic journeys, with a focus on pre-service preparation.

The workshop ended with a discussion on minority issues in our country, the role of the media in how they present the migration process and problems such as racism and xenophobic statements in schools in our country.



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