On July 19th and 20th, the expert from Center for Sustainable Communities Development Diana Georgieva participated in a partnership meeting on the project "Municipality4Roma", which took place at the Institute for Population and Social Policies of the National Council for Scientific Research of Italy in Rome. 

The meeting presented the results of a research conducted with focus groups from the Roma population of the municipality of Compopasso, Italy, by Mrs. Irena Solerno - member of the host institute. There was also a discussion on the differences in the Roma population in Bulgaria, Greece and Italy, and the methods of training municipal staff on how to work with this particular ethnic group. 

In the end of the autumn, trainings will be held in Kombasso, and then the representatives of the CSCD will meet teachers, trainers and moderators to see how the materials of the project can be applied locally and used for future projects.

 Project Partners: Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies of the Italian National Research Council (IRPPS - CNR), Italy; Ares 2.0 SRL, Italy; Opera Nomadi Associazione, Italy; Comune di Campobasso, Italy; CSCD, Bulgaria and IASIS, Greece.


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