"In Bulgaria there is no minimum age at which a child can be interrogated

This was one of the most interesting conclusions during the training organized by the Center for Sustainable Communities Development experts for the long-term partners of the Association "Center Dinamika" - Ruse, last Friday (January 29).

During the training, the CSCD director – Stanimira Hadjimitova covered the topic of economic independence of women who have experienced domestic violence. Together with the social workers and psychologists, she talked about the different methods of empowerment - social, political and economic. The feminist perspective on the problem was also emphasized, namely that this type of acts should be viewed through the prism not only of the women's rights but also of human rights.

In the second part of the training, the CSCD expert – Diana Georgieva focused on the best interests of the child in cases of domestic violence or when witnessing a domestic violence. The specialists from the Association “Center Dinamika” emphasized the good work and use of the so-called blue rooms in this regard and the need for effective justice in accordance with the interests of children.

"In Bulgaria there is no minimum age at which a child can be interrogated therefore, a preliminary assessment is needed” Deana Dimova - director of the association was categorical. According to her, the numerous interrogations by various institutions repeatedly traumatize children again and again.

The training ended with a discussion on the possibility of building resilience in children so that they can stand up after any type of difficult life  circumstances. Expert Diana Georgieva also showed two new innovative and curious approaches to dealing with the problem - the board game "Monety", which helps building financial literacy of children and teaches them how to distribute their finances and the initiative of "Sesame Street" to build resilience in the youngest people of our society.


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