It will bring together stakeholders from 5 countries, representatives of institutions and NGOs in our country to build a working network in support of mobile workers from Bulgaria working in the field of agriculture in southern Italy.

Last week, the CSCD team met with local labor mediators from the Montana region to discuss the most serious challenges which women are facing when they go to work abroad. Together we identified representatives of what institutions to invite to the upcoming seminar, which will be held in the fall in Montana. Community centers and labor offices stood out as important players in building a working network to help these women in Bulgaria.

A big problem for the women themselves is the lack of trust in the institutions both at home and abroad, as well as the unwillingness to actively participate in public life in both sending and receiving countries.

The upcoming event will include representatives of other municipalities in Bulgaria who are interested. Talks have already begun with the two Ruse municipalities of Slivo Pole and Ivanovo. Last week, the team of our organization introduced their representatives to the BRIGHT project and what has been achieved so far. The local authorities in both settlements shared that a large part of their citizens work abroad and it would definitely be of interest for them to become part of the initiative.

More about the dates and the program of the event is coming soon on our website!




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