The WEGO3 project was presented on December 7 at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv by Lyubomira Tsatsarova - local coordinator of the project and part of the team of the Gender Alternatives Foundation.

About 15 students attended the event to hear more about the topic of economic empowerment for women survivors of domestic violence. Mrs. Tsatsarova also presented the activities carried out so far in Bulgaria and highlighted the main obstacles to finding a job for women who have suffered violence from an intimate partner. She also spoke in detail about the package of measures that would be of greatest service to the victims and the need for commitment from the institutions.

A highlight of the presentation was the good example from the Ruse region and the babysitting agency launched there, initiated entirely by female clients of the "Center Dinamika" Association, Ruse.

The organizations working on the project face several more tasks in relation to conducting advocacy at the national and EU level for changes in policies and laws. This will be one of the hot topics during the project's final conference in February 2023, which will be held in Brussels.

It will be attended by representatives of the leading organization in Bulgaria - Center for Sustainable Communities Development and participants from the three anti-violence centres that worked on the project in the last 2 years in Plovdiv, Ruse and Targovishte.


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