They were particularly impressed by the guest author Dimitar Petrov, who presented his books -  games about Bulgarian rulers.

On April 24, nearly 100 children with an interest in reading and books gathered in the salon of Secondary School “Otets Paisii”. The young writer Dimitar Petrov - author of the books "Ivailo - the good king" and "Tervel - born to win" spoke with them.

The curious thing about his works is their genre – playbook. Each of the books is divided into episodes, and the decisions of the player (reader) depend on how the action will develop further in the game (book). In this way, readers are simultaneously entertained and learn new interesting historical facts. The children liked the idea of the different scenarios and possibilities for the development of the plot the most, because in practice they read not one, but hundreds of books with different endings.

After the book launch, we talked with them about their favorite authors and book characters. It was curious that the majority of authors studied in school were male, the favorite characters of teenagers were also male. They found it difficult to name women, book authors or female characters in school literature who had impressed them. However, Rada Gospozhina from the novel "Under the Yoke" stands out as such. Other such are Albena from Yordan Yovkov and Elka from "Geratsite".


A significant number of children read literature outside of school and like world classics such as Stephen King, as well as more modern and unknown authors.

In connection with the holiday, the Center for Sustainable Communities Development (CSCD) made a donation to the school library, which includes the books of the guest Dimitar Petrov, as well as many other books with inspiring biographies or stories of women and historical figures to provoke the interest of young people .

During the event, Nancy Borisova from the CSCD organized a quiz with questions about notable female historical figures from Bulgaria. Everyone who gave a correct answer won the book "Women's Battles - 150 Years of Struggle for Freedom and Equality" by Martha Bren. The reading recounts the many dramatic battles of the women's rights movement. They inspire admiration and inspiration to this day, as we hope they will inspire the youngest readers.






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