Today we present another important participant in the CSCD’s project - Raise Youth - in support of youth in Pernik Area.

Adriana Stoyneva is 28 years old from Pernik. She has a bachelor's degree from the Southwestern University "Neofit Rilski" - Blagoevgrad, majoring in Public Administration. Her professional experience is in the field of trade and administration, and in her free time she is engaged in art, sports and travel.

How did you find out about the Raise Youth project?

I found out about the project from social media.

What horizons has the project opened up for you so far?

Given that I have recently been part of the team, I believe that it will open more and more horizons in front of me. So far, I have met many young people who have the potential to be successful with their ideas. I was impressed with the way they build their concepts and the energy they put into ithem. I sincerely believe that together we will be part of all the new projects that the Youth Center will initiate. We will inspire each other, find new supporters and go on the path to building the professional development of young people.

How did it inspire you?

Inspiration comes from young people. They are the driving force all over the world. The young person can generate many ideas that will immediately lead to more. Any idea, even if it is not quite clear and structured, can be used for new ideas and innovations. It can be said that even the enthusiasm of the young people inspires me every day for me and my team to look for ways and methods to help everyone who wants to achieve their goal, and why not their goals, if they are more from one.

Why do you think some young people who neither work nor study are reluctant to take advantage of the opportunities that Raise Youth provides?

First of all, I believe that young people are not motivated enough to work on their personal development and to gain new knowledge and skills if they do not see quick results, mainly related to financial security. People massively miss a number of opportunities for personal upgrading if it is not associated with quick profits. In addition, perhaps not everyone is ready to take responsibility and stand boldly behind their idea, walking the path with all the vicissitudes that will inevitably occur to see one day his idea realized. The unknown scares.

Maybe sometimes the fact that young people don't know where to start to implement their ideas stops them. That is why our project has it. So that we can be as useful as possible and help all young people who are strong enough to believe in themselves, to clearly state their goals and together to go in the right direction. Anyone who takes the first step and sets out on the path to their goal will sooner or later reach the outlined vision for their future. It is very important to awaken the desire of young people to be active and never stop looking for opportunities. Trust is also an issue that needs to be addressed.

The young person is generally distrustful and prejudiced. The key to building trust would be openness and transparency in the project activities and constant awareness of all young people who have decided to take advantage of the opportunities we provide them. The whole young team of Raise Youth strives for all these things.

What could be done better than the CIA to develop Raise Youth? What initiatives do you think should be emphasized?

I believe that since our work is connected and mainly focused on young people in the region, it requires our attention to be focused on them. They themselves would best answer the question of how we can be most useful to them, how to improve. Since I am a young person myself, I could share my personal opinion on this question.

We live in the era of mass technology and for this reason I assume that modern man, regardless of age, is extremely oriented towards information technology and in particular the Internet. The interest of young people to carry out some activity through the Internet is growing. Recently, their interest has been drawn to having their own blog, where their ideas or finished products can find publicity and reach more people. Then their attraction was redirected to the more current and mass media and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, for example.

Dozens of young people are now oriented towards so-called "influencership", where they build their own platform / channel and gather followers who are interested in the things they want to share with others. As I try to be objective, I will add that in addition to the age of technology, we live in an extremely material world, where the young person's attention can be drawn either for money or for popularity. So whatever initiative the project takes, I think the most important thing will be to emphasize what benefits the participation of young people in it would bring or to take one tailored to their needs.

Why should young people join Raise Youth?

Young people need to get involved in the project so that they can gain new knowledge, gain experience, and why not make new acquaintances. You should not miss any kind of opportunity for personal development and improvement, especially when you are young and life is ahead of you. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

What are the biggest advantages of your hometown and its population? What about the biggest cons?

I find the proximity of my hometown to be close to the capital. But really, this is both a plus and a minus. The disadvantage is easily detected by making a quick reference to how many young people who went to study in Sofia remain to work and subsequently live there. The city has the necessary potential to develop and become an increasingly pleasant and preferred place to live. The reason: the lack of enough jobs in the settlement, as well as the low salaries that are offered to the few. Young people choose to develop elsewhere. In addition, in Pernik, people have to come to terms with the polluted air they breathe. Of course, other strengths and weaknesses of the city can be pointed out, but I think these are the biggest burden.

What is your favorite dish?

In general, I am a fan of traditional Bulgarian cuisine. I have a weakness for rice and the dishes prepared with it 😊

The Raise Youth project covers over 500 people between the ages of 18 and 29, living in the municipalities of Pernik, Breznik, Trun, Radomir, Zemen and Kovachevtsi, who are neither working nor currently studying. Within its framework, they undergo various trainings in career and personal development, and the most active 20 participants - including Adriana - will be provided with additional training and mentoring to start their own business.

It is implemented by the Center for Sustainable Communities Development with the financial support of Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.