Not only the remarkable results achieved within the project were presented at the event, but the participants also discussed the creation of a new model for the inclusion of migrants, as well as the exclusive role of the media in this process.

During the morning session, the partners analyzed the strengths, challenges and threats that needed to be addressed. Among the strengths were high motivation and rich experience of all partners, as well as support not only between them but also by the leading partner. These challenges were related to the insufficient time for the implementation of the activities, the different culture and organization of the school year in the countries where the project is implemented.

Of course, there were also threats given the anti-immigration and discriminatory attitudes in some of the countries, as well as the attitudes of some of patriotic or other political movements against civil society organizations, but a number of possibilities emerged, especially for the use of the Toolkit of the project after the completion of the initiative and the exchange of good practices.

In the afternoon final conference, the lively discussion was mainly about the way of speaking and its impact on the understanding of migration and the attitude towards the possibility of including third-country nationals in public life, whether we can change it and how. The participants in NEMO told about their experience in working with young people and teenagers. The activities carried out on the territory of Bulgaria were presented by Boyko Tsenkov from the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria and Nancy Borisova from Center for Sustainable Communities Development. Luca Barani of the General Directorate for Migration and Home Affairs and a number of journalists and activists presented their views through extensive analyzes.

Among the most interesting speeches were those of Mortaza Behboudi, a journalist of Afghan origin who spoke about his highly emotional documentary about the Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece. Mariangela De Blasi from Arci Solidarieta also presented her experience working on the rights of migrants and Roma women and children and the experience she has from missions in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkish Kurdistan. One of the most active participants not only in the conference, but in the whole project was the representative of Sudwind Austria - Teclaire Ngo Tam.

The final conference, as well as the whole project, ended with mutual satisfaction and promises of future partnerships.