Labor mediator trainings in Stara Zagora was completed successfully. Young ladies dusccussed together with their trainers Stanimira Hadjimitova and Valentina Vasilyonova an important issue as labor contracts, fake job applications, how to seek support in a foreign country, etc.

Participants also met Mr. Drumev from Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings – Sliven. He explained to them what trafficking is and what are the risks for mobile workers. Ms. Varlyakova from the local labor office also took an active part in the training. Working teams are already fact and they start their preparation for info days under supervision of their mentor, Milena Ilieva.

They are going to organize information days with women who have traveled for seasonal work abroad or intend to travel. The mediators will acquaint them with the information they need before leaving our country, where and from whom they could seek help in a crisis situation or fraud.