• Ivanovo, Slivo Pole and Montana - municipalities working in support of the Roma community

    Last week, the CSCD team visited the three places and learned about the policies of each of them regarding Roma inclusion.

    Within the Municipality 4 Roma project, three information days were organized in the municipalities, which have previously signed letters of support. At the events, the team of our organization presented the good practices of the municipality of Campobasso, Italy together with the Italian project partners, who also participated in the discussions in real time.

  • Partner meeting and promising discussions in Rome

    On July 19th and 20th, the expert from Center for Sustainable Communities Development Diana Georgieva participated in a partnership meeting on the project "Municipality4Roma", which took place at the Institute for Population and Social Policies of the National Council for Scientific Research of Italy in Rome. 

  • Partners workshop in Campobasso

    On November 18 and 19, the Municipality4Roma Project Coordinator for Bulgaria, Diana Georgieva, participated in several project meetings in Campobasso, Italy.

    The first meeting was attended by Rosaria Di Spenza - social worker and Campobasso municipality representative in the project, Sandro Turzo - project coordinator and Chara Spiropulu from IASIS (project partner from Greece).

  • Project Municiplaity4Roma

    Project  Municiplaity4Roma

  • The M4R project was presented to the municipal authorities of the Municipality of Tran

    On April 12th the experts from CSCD Stanimira Hadjimitova and Diana Georgieva have met with representatives of the municipal administration of the Municipality of Tran for the presentation of the project.

    The participants also learned about the visual materials that will be used in the communication activities of the project.


  • The New Year starts with a partnership meeting under the M4R project "Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria"

    The project aims to develop an efficient and standardized model for inclusion of the Roma community in the active life of the municipalities of Campobasso - Italy and Tran-Bulgaria on the basis of the already successfully tested model (RoMunicare Project).